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Welcome, I'm Robert Jameson

I'm an amateur scientist and writer living in Adelaide, South Australia
My Books

God Gametes and the Planet of the Butterfly Queen

  "What the hell is going on here?”

  A great opening line to a startlingly telling thesis on the big questions:

  “Why are we here?”

  "Why is there intelligent life?”

  “Why is there anything at all?”

  We can see and touch planet Earth, organic man, animals and nature’s greenery and are aware of our universe, yet its creation and purpose, energy and organization of matter and the evolution of species leave multitudes of questions unanswered.

  God Gametes expounds a theory that initially seems too incredible to believe, yet like Darwin’s worldly beings, evolves right from the start to convert our minds from possibility to probability.

  God Gametes points to creation having a purpose, claims that life and matter did not arise by accident and that man’s rapid evolution from ape to homo sapien was driven by our parent species on a higher level of a multiverse.

Kev Richardson
Cover for GodGametes and the Planet of the Butterfly Queen

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God Gametes 2 – Dark DNA and Parallels Between Gender-based Reproduction and Ancient Theology

  The human body has 50 million-million cells with each having two copies of the 3.1647 billion nucleotides in our genome. If nucleotides are switched off, they are ignored - if they are switched on, they are read and they code for making protein. No one knows what does this switching off and on and it is currently the focus of much research (and bewilderment) in biology. Scientists call this process epigenetics yet it is referred to here as Dark DNA, and we claim, it is The Hidden Code for Universal Life and Consciousness.

    We argue that Dark DNA is a hierarchal structure unifying life at all levels. For example, messenger RNA (mRNA) carries sections of DNA to the site in a cell where it codes for making protein. Reproductive cells (gametes) carry life’s genetic code from generation to generation. And angels, it is held, are God’s messengers and they carry the souls of people from this life to the next.

Cover for Dark DNA and Parallels between Gender based reproduction and ancient things

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Germ-line of the Gods – God Gametes 3 and The Entanglement and Decay of Planet Earth

    The thesis presented here, argues that life on earth is part of the reproductive system of an external parent species and that our human soul is the germ cell (a gamete) of a Father Being.

   Our concept holds that all physical life on earth is the ‘soma’ and whether it relates to the lives of individuals, or of species, can have only limited tenure. As a gamete however, our soul is part of the ‘germ-line’ of our creator-beings and has the potential to live on after the death of our bodies - even after the extinction of our species.

   We agree with the Darwinian claim that species will always over-produce and that competition for finite resources, sorts out the winners and losers in the evolutionary process.

   We depart from this interpretation, however, in claiming that our parent species are not attempting to evolve a physical body. Their objective is to select character qualities that can fend off evil. We argue that the gene pool of our parent species, in an effort to challenge the good, needs to retain the human traits of greed and stupidity. Thus we here highlight a parallel between the entanglement and decay of quantum particles, with the ongoing extinction and renewal of life on earth.

   Our planet can probably sustain one billion people, yet there is currently seven billion - and by mid-century, we will have another two. So rather than thinking there might be a way ‘out of gaol’, we must accept that our long term physical survival is a lost cause. Better strategy we suggest, is to challenge those responsible for our rapid decline.

   We can then hope that the souls who have cultivated intelligence and morality while on earth will, in an afterlife, find a place back in the Germ-line of the Gods

Cover for God Gametes 3 Germ Line of the Gods

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God Gametes 4 and The Darwinian Fallacy 

The God Gametes theory argues that life on earth is part of the reproductive system of a parent species from a higher level of a multiverse. We contend a single female member of the parent species colonised earth for the purpose of reproduction. She drove the complexity of life on earth until one species, homo sapiens, evolved a large brain and the ability to host a consciousness reproductive cell of a male parent species.  

This we suggest is why we commonly refer to Mother Nature - and a Father in Heaven. And in ancient Eastern tradition, Yin is thought to relate to earth and is female, while Yang is conceived as heaven and is male … harmony between the two is said to achieve the “Great Ultimate”.

In the Old Testament Eve personifies life on earth while Adam is seen as the agent of God. This theme is repeated in the New Testament where Mary is endowed by a paternal God for the purpose of reproduction.

Even the popular Life from Space image depicts planet earth as a female egg and the source of external life as male.

Charles Darwin called his book On the Origin of Species but natural selection is not about the ‘origin’ of anything. His theory was not about the ‘origin’ of species, nor about the ‘origin’ of life. Natural selection argues the case for how one ‘living’ species might gradually evolve into another ‘living’ species. It has nothing to do with how anything originated.

Darwinism cannot explain how the planets and stars originated or how the gravitational force that holds them all together might have originated. And natural selection can certainly not explain how dead matter suddenly acquired the property of life and an ability to reproduce. Supporters of this concept foster the myth that with enough throws of the dice, with enough random coin flips, then blind probability can design complexity.

It cannot.

Cover for God Gametes and the Darwinian Fallacy

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The Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment and Earth’s Reproductive Chakra

It seems the human mind is programmed to believe the possible and reject the impossible. Yet there is much we cannot explain.  We do not know the origins of countless ancient buildings, people have found artefacts in coal deposits that are hundreds of millions of years old and we can visit museums that house elongated humanoid skulls. In recent times scientists have discovered space and time are relative, that there are places in the universe where gravity is so strong that it swallows light, quantum physicists tell us that consciousness is instant and universal and there have been thousands of credible sightings of UFOs. 

If this was a card game then a rational observer would conclude the deck was stacked and walk away from the table. In this game of life however we cannot walk away – we do not know what it is possible to gain if we win - or what is at stake if we lose.

The thesis presented in this book assumes terrestrial planet earth is alive – a Living Body Earth. Our model suggests that earth is part of a greater living universe - and that conscious life on earth is part of an extra terrestrial reproductive system.

We look to a biological explanation for what is otherwise impossible. Our bodies perform millions of miracles every second. Thus we hold earth’s countless unsolved mysteries can be better understood if we assume our planet, and the universe in which it exists, is a biological system.

The Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment and Earth’s Reproductive Chakra

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I’m Dyslexic – It’s a great way to be

   I was undoubtedly a difficult student at school. While most school reports acknowledged me a hard worker, I was not always able to disguise my frustration with the English language. When having difficulty spelling a word, teachers would tell me to sound it out. When that failed, I was told to write the word down and that “If it is spelt correctly, it will look correct.”

   Sadly, it did not work for me.

   Then I was told that related words would be spelled the same; ‘essence’ and ‘essential’ for example. I would protest; “What about four and forty. And speak and speech?”

   To me, it was simply an unfathomable system!

   In those days, there was no ‘Spelling Dictionary’. If a word ended in ‘ed’ or ‘ing’ and you wanted to know if the prefix ended in a double letter (eg. planned or planning), no dictionary helped. Then there was the rule; drop the ‘e’ and add ‘ing’ – Yet only sometimes!

   “No,” I was told. “Dictionaries are only for finding the definition of words. They are not for helping you with spelling. You are meant to know how to spell words.”

   I was told not to question the way the language was written. It seemed that because our books, our history, our laws and our constitution were written in the Queens English, that the status of the English Dictionary was second only to the inerrant word of God as proclaimed in the Holy Bible. Yet to me, the way our language is written, was simply stupid.

   It was difficult to disguise my frustration. 

I'm Dislexic - it's a great way to be

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