Germ-line of the Gods – God Gametes 3 and The Entanglement and Decay of Planet Earth

     This work attempts to make sense of a world that appears totally irrational. We try to explain why our species has adopted cultural and developmental practices that are unsustainable; why we seem hell bent on self-destruction.  

     There is no doubting the fact that species evolve. And few would argue with the Darwinian assertion that competition for resources caused by overpopulation, has driven change. A greater population means more variation and a better chance that the genetic codes for adaptable body parts will be found.

     When there is competition for scarce resources, the survival of the fittest means many will starve so the fittest and best-adapted will live.

     The undeniable fact is that life is cruel. Overpopulation and starvation is necessary for evolution. If there were always enough food, then an individual’s ability to survive adversity would never be tested. Species would be unprepared for when the environment changes, as it always does.  

     If then, we are part of the reproductive system of a parent species, we need to ask:
  •  What traits do they need to help their species survive?
  • What is driving this endless search for successful traits?

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     The God Gametes theory contends that the parent species are attempting to reproduce their souls and not their physical bodies. They need conscious offspring with strength of character and the ability to combat evil. And like the evolutionary process we observe here on earth, their reproductive system is selective. Whilst the driver for earthly species is starvation for the parent species, it is evil and stupidity that forces the evolution of intelligence and morality. The parent species have therefore retained the genes for selfishness and ignorance. Like over population that selects the fittest and best-adapted - it is the expression of greed and stupidity in the human population that tests the resolve of those with the ability and the desire to do good.

     It would therefore seem the parent species will benefit from humans overproducing. As with other species, a larger population will provide greater genetic diversity and more pressure on people to find and express the genes that can combat evil – evil that will result from scarcity of food and the collapse of the social order.

     Unfortunately however, the cycle ‘over produce and adapt’ followed by ‘over produce and adapt’ cannot last. Eventually the system must crash, evidenced by the fact that 99.9% of species that have existed, have gone extinct. We believe humans are pre-programmed to crash and burn; then to be re-evolved in another place with a modified genetic and cultural formula.

     This is the same cyclical process we observe in earthly beings, yet here our soul is selected by a reproductive process that extends to the future and the past, to other universal dimensions and to higher and lower multiversal levels.

     We claim that the parallel features of the quantum and classical worlds and what we suggest is the reproductive system of our parent species, help us better understand many of the enigmatic aspects of our history and culture. And hopefully by looking at life from this broader perspective, we can better prepare for the catastrophic changes soon to impact earth’s fragile environment. 

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