God Gametes and the Planet of the Butterfly Queen

   The God Gametes theory is a refreshing look at what may be both the meaning of life and the reason for its creation.

    It argues that life on earth and in fact our human consciousness, are universal entities.

   A model is presented that assumes our universe is a tiny part of a multiverse, arguing that the multiverse is a hierarchical structure, each level a reproductive system of intelligent living systems on the next higher level, presenting us with interesting scenarios.

   We take a fictional look at our parent species on that next higher level to find they are far more complex creatures than us but their universe is older and will soon run out of fuel, to then die. Parent species know that to preserve their life and the billions of years of heritage they created they must reproduce on a lower multiverse level. Our model assumes that life on earth is their external reproductive system but we must evolve in a way that can adapt to our local environment. We note that humans have developed many features including a large brain that while non-adaptive, is needed for the reproduction of the parent species.

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   The God Gametes theory presents all the living creatures on planet earth as an external reproductive system of a single female member of our parent species, while our human consciousness is the male reproductive sperm cells she hosts.

   Our model takes a provocative look at Darwinism, challenging the belief that our universe, the gravitational forces that hold it together and the intelligent life that we know exists on at least one planet, could be the result of a random process. It is argued that natural selection could never have created life and even if it had, could not have driven the evolution of greater complexity. We believe the formula for complex body parts and the motivation to evolve them is sourced from our parent species on that next higher multiverse level.  

   God Gametes points to creation as having a purpose, claiming that life and matter did not arise by accident and that our rapid evolution from ape to homo sapiens was driven by the need to host the male reproductive cells of our parent species. Human consciousness is attempting to fertilize a female egg and our goal in life is to become a new member of the parent species and be elevated to the next higher multiverse level.
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